Mollie Warman and Brenda Ford

Posted 25/11/2009 : By: Trevor Gurney

Wymondham Town Council was pleased to present this year's civic awards to two long-standing members of the community.

Brenda Ford has made a significant contribution to Wymondham life for many years.  She was a member of Wymondham Town Council and Norfolk County Council, and Town Mayor for two years (1985-7). Actively involved in helping to maintain the gardens at Chandlers Hill and the Bridewell Musuem, she also worked tireslessly to raise funds for orphaned Romanian children.

The second award was presented to Mollie Warman who has contributed to the work of the Royal British Legion, and has been its chairman for the last five years.  She was Head Teacher at Browick Road First School for many years, and now spends much of her time as the manager of Wymondham Abbey's gift shop.

Town Mayor Cllr. Peter Broome commented: "I am sure that both our recepients have been involved in and given freely of their time on many more occasions than are mentioned here, and it is a honour to present these awards to two very worthy recepients".