A11 Morgan Sindall Mayor and Deputy

Posted 02/08/2023 : By: Trevor Gurney

Wymondham Mayor Cllr Suzanne Nuri-Nixon and Deputy Mayor Cllr Annette James visited the A11 Morgan Sindall roadworks this week to see how work on the new road was progressing.

They both met with Carley Davis who is the Stakehold Manager and workforce manager Derek MacMillan who kindly showed them around the works compound, explained about how the road is constructed and how they employ local contractors to help build the road.

Cllrs Nuri-Nixon and James also had a drive around the new road and the chance to ask questions about the progress, maintenance and possible re-opening of the A11 in September.


Photo caption: Derek MacMillan, Cllr Nuri-Nixon, Cllr James and Carley Davis