Ketts Park Woodland Walk

Posted 07/02/2020 : By: Trevor Gurney

Ketts Park Woodland Path

5 February 2020


Dear user and visitors to Kett’s Park woodland path.


You may have noticed that we are having some problems with a section of the new hoggin path running through the wood becoming water logged and muddy.


Why has this happened?

The area surrounding the new hoggin path is clay, which doesn’t absorb water easily. The exceptional wet weather we have been having since early autumn 2019 has meant that the ground has become water logged. As a result the surrounding standing water is running onto the hoggin path causing the current problem.


What are we going to do to resolve the problem?

Once the warmer weather arrives and the site starts to dry out our volunteers will be carrying out remedial work to the affected section of path, to increase the height by adding another 100mm of hoggin onto the existing surface.


We will put up a notice to let you know when the work will start.


You often get teething problems with projects like this and it is not until the wet weather that you are able to identify the problem.


We understand people’s frustrations and concerns about the current state of part of the path. We ask for your patience and support while we work through these teething problems.


For more information please contact Greening Wymondham via email