Arnie McConnell

Posted 28/09/2021 : By: Trevor Gurney

Arnie McConnell is a Wymondham resident who works tirelessly to support lonely, disadvantaged and vunerable people in his community.

He raises funds for a number of community projects. Two of his initiatives include The Community Kitchen which invites diners from all walks of life  to enjoy a free or pay what you can afford lunch each week and The Community Fridge which helps tackle food waste in our society.

A third string to his bow is the Help Point which supports families and individuals who are experiencing financial hardship and food poverty. 

Arnie also offers voluntary work to local hostel residents and then provides references for them to local employers.

In October 2019 he was recognised by Norfolk Constabulary when he won a Community Citizen of the Year Award for his outstanding contribution in helping to keep Norfolk safe.

Arnie personifies community spirit and acts as a role model for others to follow. He is extremely desrving of his Civic Award, matching the recognition already given by Norfolk Constabulary.