This area is intended to give anyone thinking of visiting Wymondham a quick whistle-stop tour of the town in pictures.

Probably the most iconic building in Wymondham is the Market Cross. Wymondham’s first Market Cross was probably a shaft -on-steps type, but we don’t know where it was situated. However, we do know that by the late 16th Century there was a Market Hall which was burnt down in 1615 and the present cross was roughly on the same site in 1617-1618 at a cost of £25 7s Od. The Market Cross is now used as the Tourist information Centre run by the Town Council.

Below is a map of Wymondham that has numbered arrows pointing out the main attractions of the town followed by a list giving the names of the numbered attractions.

By clicking on any name in the list a brief description of the attraction will appear together with several pictures of it.

1. Mid Norfolk Railway

The Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust was established in 1995 with the aim of buying and restor...

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4. Abbey

Originally known as Wymondham Priory (it was raised to the status of an Abbey a mere ninety years be...

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10. Becket’s Chapel

After the Abbey, Becket’s Chapel is the town’s oldest surviving building.  The grade 1 listed...

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13. Tolls Meadow

Tolls Meadow is a local nature reserve.  It is a 'wet' or fen meadow astride the River Tiffey...

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15. Heritage Museum

This traditional and delightful museum brings together daily life and heroes and villains with great...

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