Wymondham Town Council Grants Scheme What is the grant scheme?

Each year Wymondham Town Council sets aside money within the budget for grants aimed to benefit people and projects in the Wymondham area.

Grant applications will be considered that fall within the following categories;

  • Clearly identified capital project
  • Specific project, event or service
  • The Town Council will not subsidise running costs or write off debts.

Who can apply?

Your organisation must be based in the parish of Wymondham with its membership open to interested residents in the Parish.

What will not be funded?

  • An organisation the primary purpose of which is the propagation or furtherance  of political religious moral or philosophical view points of causes
  • General charities, whether local, national or international
  • Individuals however deserving
  • Sponsorship schemes e.g. walks, runs or other efforts
  • Any request for retrospective funding after an event has taken place or capital items purchased.

What sort of projects have the Town Council funded in the past?

OrganisationAmount offered (£)
Wymondham Dementia Support
North Wymondham Community Hall
Wymondham in Bloom
Wymondham Rotary Satelite
Wymondham Town FC
Mid Norfolk Railway

How do you apply?

Applications will be considered by Finance and General Purposes Committee and applications should be submitted 10 working days before their scheduled meetings.

An application form can be downloaded by clicking on the link below: 

Wymondham Town Council grant application form effective 1st March 2024