For electoral purposes Wymondham is split into 4 wards. Central Wymondham ward is represented by 5 Wymondham Town Councillors, South Wymondham ward is represented by 3 Wymondham Town Councillors, East Wymondham ward is represented by 1 Wymondham Town Councillor and North Wymondham ward is represented by 5 Wymondham Town Councillors.

Wymondham is situated in the Parliamentary constituency of Mid Norfolk whose elected Member is George Freeman who can be contacted at 8 Damgate Street, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0BQ Tel: 01953 600617

For details of properties that make up each ward please contact the Council on 01953 603302 or visit our offices at 14 Middleton Street.

Below is a list of Councillors and their respective Wards. To access their contact information please click on the relevant Ward above (subheadings under Councillors). 

Mrs Yvette Astley - North

Miss Wednesday Batchelor - Central

Mr Peter Broome - East

Mr Ian Flatt - Central

Mr J Halls - South

Mr Antony Holden - North

Mr Jack Hornby - North

Miss Penny Hubble - North

Mr Kevin Hurn - Central

Mrs Annette James - South

Mrs Suzanne Nuri - South

Mr David Roberts - North

Mr Robert Savage - Central

Mr Pete Travis - Central