A-Z Councillors and Ward Map

Wymondham is split into four wards (North, South, East & Central) as shown below.

Below is a list of Councillors and their respective Wards. To access their contact information please click on the relevant Ward above (subheadings under Councillors). 

Cllr Todd Baker - Central

Cllr Joseph Barrett - Central

Cllr Paul Barrett - Central

Cllr Marlene Batley - Central

Cllr Lowell Doheny - Central

Cllr Roland Frosdick  - North

Cllr Julian Fulcher - East

Cllr Antony Holden - North

Cllr Annette James - South

Cllr Lucy Nixon - North

Cllr Suzanne Nuri - NIxon - South

Cllr Alex Perry - North

Cllr Michael Rosen - North