11. Library

The new library replaces the former library that was housed in the 12th century Becket’s Chapel which was unable to respond to the needs of a growing town. 

The new 1,500 m² building is double the size of the previous library, and houses 5,000 extra books.

The layout plan is three fan segments with stepped roof levels, radiating from a circular rotunda at one corner of the building. The shape conforms to the sloping topography of the landscape. The structure, which is a visible feature on the inside of the building, uses ‘glulam’ engineered beams. They are a hybrid of 50% timber and 50% steel, aesthetically pleasing and able to span long distances.

The library is an award winning building that was completed in September 2008. It provides internet access for about a dozen users at a time incorporates a children’s area and serves as a community focal point where meetings can be held.

Photographs courtesy of Wymondham Photographic Society.