Sustainable Wymondham Website

Posted 03/04/2024 : By: Trevor Gurney

In August 2023 WTC declared a climate emergency and gave its support to the formation of a new Community Interest Company (CIC) called Sustainable Wymondham.  The CIC has a mix of Town Councillors - Cllrs Paul and Joe Barrett, Annette James and Julian Fulcher - and residents on its Committee and Board of Directors.


Part of the group's communication strategy was to create a website.  This has now been achieved and the group are very  pleased to launch the new site.  See:


You can also follow and join Sustainable Wymondham on Facebook:


The group aims to work with neighbours, volunteers, other community groups and businesses from across our town to explore creative and inspiring ways to move Wymondham towards carbon neutrality, manage the impacts of climate change and work towards making our town one we are proud to pass on to future generations.