Town Council Grant helps Support Wymondham Symphony Orchestra

Posted 27/11/2023 : By: Trevor Gurney

The Town Council awarded a grant recently to the Wymondham Symphony Orchestra which made it possible for them to hire the copyrighted music they played at their 'Birds of Myth and Fable' concert on Saturday night (26th November).  The concert was attended by the Deputy Mayor Cllr Annette James and Cllr Lucy Nixon. 


Orchestra librarian Jill Halliday explained that classical music still in copyright can often cost hundreds of pounds to hire and the grant from WTC allowed them to purchase the rights to play the music for two of the three pieces they performed.  The orchestra said in the programme that they were 'very grateful to Wymondham Town Council for their generous grant towards this evening's concert'.


The retiring collection at the concert raised £246 for Wymondham Nature Group (WyNG).


Each year Wymondham Town Council sets aside money within the budget for grants aimed to benefit people and projects in the Wymondham area. More info is available here: 

From left to right - Deputy Mayor Cllr Annette James, WSO president Adrienne Cleary, WSO librarian Jill Halliday, WSO chair Andrew Naylor, Cllr Lucy Nixon.